WWE Power Rankings: Del Rio, Cena rise

CM Punk and The Rock maintain their spots, while John Cena rises after a strong "Raw" showing. AP Photos, Getty Images

What a difference a week makes. Since ESPN’s first WWE Power Rankings, we’ve seen a new World Heavyweight Champion, a new Divas Champion, Eve Torres quit the company, Ric Flair pass the figure-four torch to The Miz, Dolph Ziggler’s shockingly white (I'm talking Sheamus pale!) backside debut inside a steel cage and Mick Foley announced as the first inductee into WWE’s 2013 Hall of Fame.

We also saw a fun night of memories, matches and mayhem on the 20th anniversary show of "Raw," with flashbacks triggering reminders of Edge and Lita’s wedding (complete with Kane tombstoning the priest) and Stone Cold showing Mike Tyson his signature style of sign language.

It’s the induction of Mick Foley that I’d like to focus on for a second, though, as this is a guy who was not only thrown off the Hell in a Cell roof for your enjoyment, but he also rolled on thumbtacks, flew into barbed wire and was speared through a flaming table just to leave his mark on the business.

But Foley is more than just a walking medical chart of bruises and broken bones, as he also provided some of the funniest and most honest moments I can remember throughout all my years watching WWE, and it’s because of these rare glimpses inside the mask that Foley stands out as truly one of the great ones (top 50 all-time).

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Jan. 8, 2013