NBA, adidas release All-Star Game uniforms

This year's NBA All-Star Game will take place Feb. 17 in Houston, and the league and adidas have just unveiled the uniforms for the game (although the basic designs originally leaked via a video game back in October). Let's take a look, shall we?

• The jersey designs are inspired by what adidas is describing as "Houston’s rich aeronautical history and the speed of the jet planes that dot its skies." The stencil pattern for the letters and numbers is based on the stenciled numbers on a jet.

• The jerseys have a subtle background pattern that adidas is calling "impact camo," although it really looks more like an abstract mish-mash.

• The jerseys have "2013" at the base of the collar. This is the first time a year has been listed on an NBA All-Star jersey.

• In the past few years, players have had the option of wearing a compression-style jersey in the All-Star Game. That option is not being offered this year.

• No photos of the warm-ups yet, but adidas is decribing them as "black-and-white aviator-style." Velcro patches will list each player's past All-Star Game appearances, along with regular-season awards (MVP, Rookie of the Year, etc.), scoring titles, and so on.

In short: your basic over-the-top design that will be enjoyable enough for a weekend, and that everyone will forget about as soon as the game is over.