Uni Watch grades the new Jaguars logo

The first uni-related move of the NFL offseason has taken place in Jacksonville, where the Jaguars have just unveiled an updated logo -- the first helmet logo revision in the team's 18-year history.

As you can see, this redesign is more evolutionary than revolutionary -- a more realistic take on the team's longtime jaguar head mark. (Oddly enough, the other cat-named team that joined the NFL in 1995 -- the Carolina Panthers -- unveiled a similarly modest logo update a year ago.)

This update is a big hit here at Uni Watch HQ. The old logo wasn't bad, but it looks crude and sloppy compared to the new one. The teal nose is a little weird, and the teal eye is even weirder, but I gather we'll all get used to them, just like we got used to the teal tongue on the old logo.

Let's hope this all bodes well for the team's new uniforms, which are due to be unveiled around the time of the NFL draft in April.