Anderson dishes on Raptors teammates

Toronto Raptors sixth man Alan Anderson is not your ordinary NBA journeyman. He's a worldwide basketball journeyman.

Since 2005-07, when he played for the Charlotte Bobcats, he went on to play for nine different teams -- in Italy, Russia, Croatia, Israel, Spain, China and the D-League -- before signing with the Raptors in 2011.

Now, he's averaging 11.9 points per game off the bench for a team that sits several games outside of the playoff picture. But they just acquired premier scorer Rudy Gay in a trade with the Memphis Grizzlies.

"Things are shaky, but we're getting through it," Anderson said. "[Gay] was a big plus. We're just trying to get as many wins as we can to try to make a playoff push."

Although Anderson is still acclimated to his new teammate, he's had plenty of time to get to know the other guys. Speaking with ESPN Playbook this week, here's his take on Toronto's locker room:

Best dancer: "Me and Quincy Acy. I've got pretty much everything; I'm versatile with it. I can give you the Dougie, I can give you the Kid 'n Play, I'll take it back old school, new school, whatever you want. Me and Q always dance during the pregame just to try to get ourselves going. Q's from Dallas, so he's got the D-town boogie."

Best dressed: "I'd have to put myself in there. I'd have to put John Lucas in there. I'm more of a grown-up dresser, not flashy. I like nice stuff, but it's not like jewelry and all that. Lucas is smaller, so he can get away with a lot of different looks. He's like a little rapper."

Best nickname: "Lucas is 'Easy Bake.' Every time he comes in the game, he starts heating up quick, so it's easy bake. I don't think fans in Toronto know that."

Biggest gym rat: "I think DeMar [DeRozan] is in the gym a lot, working on his game, shooting or whatever. He's probably better than a lot of the other guys. I'm always either one of the earliest or I'm always the latest."

Coolest car: "DeMar and Amir [Johnson] probably have the nicest cars. Panamera, Maserati -- anything you think of, they're rocking it. Amir's got something on one of his trucks. I don't know if it's matte black or charcoal, but it's pretty slick."

Funniest: "Amir Johnson or MP, Mickael Pietrus. You never know what to expect out of them. They might say something crazy or just you never know what they're thinking at any given time. You can be talking about something totally different, and they'll ask a question just off the wall, like, 'You know it's snowing outside?' and we're talking about basketball. Something like that. They love watching music videos, so on the plane instead of watching movies, they'll be watching like 25,000 videos. I don't even know what they're watching, but they're over there jamming for about an hour and a half. I bought those noise-cancellation headphones, so I can just fall asleep. You've got to have them."

Future coach: "Kyle [Lowry] is pretty good. He always has a pretty good feeling how teams are defending, and what's going to be open and what's not open. He's pretty good about that."

Most inspirational: "Maybe me. I just tell them, 'Leave everything out on the floor, so at the end of the game, we're not saying I wish I woulda, coulda, shoulda. Whether the outcome is win or lose, we left everything out there.' I'm definitely one of the top veterans. I'm second to the oldest now. We don't have an older team like the Knicks. Our oldest guy is 31."

Most interesting pregame routine: "Some guys, if they don't play good or shoot good in the first half, they'll change their shoes. Lucas changes his shoes. They won't go from like a Jordan XI to a XII; they'll go to a whole different shoe. They'll go from Jordan to KD [Kevin Durant], or KD to Kobe [Bryant]. I have no clue if that works out for them; you've got to ask them. Some guys pray right before they go out. We have a team chaplain; every team has that. Some guys have to use the bathroom before the game [laughs]. Some guys get taped at a certain time."