WWE Power Rankings: John Cena climbs

John Cena took down CM Punk to set up what will be a much-anticipated rematch with The Rock. Courtesy of WWE

John Cena’s character is about as cool as the bent brim in his size-too-small hat, but I have to give props where props are due, and his match against CM Punk on Raw was a fantastic showing that proved he can still deliver entertainment and athleticism at the highest level.

And while his rematch against The Rock at Wrestlemania is not the match I had hoped would headline the year’s biggest show (wasn’t it supposed to be “once in a lifetime”?), it’s hard to argue the economics of booking a sequel to the biggest money-making match in the history of professional wrestling.

But where does that leave Punk, the heel who compares himself to God, and carried the company on his back for more than a year? I kept waiting for The Undertaker’s music to hit after Raw’s main event, especially after Taker returned Saturday night at a house show in Waco, Texas. Was that match a test to see how the Dead Man would hold up after taking nearly a year off to heal after his slugfest against Triple H?

I guess if The Undertaker’s going to make a return in time for Wrestlemania, next week’s old-school Raw might be the perfect opportunity, especially since he’s pretty much the personification of old-school in every way, and Punk’s rant about immortality already has me hoping to see an arena full of druids.

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