Adidas sleeves bring Zubaz back to school

Cincinnati, Kansas, Notre Dame, Baylor, UCLA and Louisville added some sleeves -- and patterns. Courtesy of adidas

It turns out Golden State isn't the only basketball team adding sleeves to its uniform.

Three adidas-outfitted college hoops teams -- UCLA, Louisville, and Baylor -- are adding sleeved jerseys to their wardrobes for March Madness. All three uniform designs feature vaguely Zubaz-style shorts paired with solid-colored sleeved jerseys -- a brutal look that's sure to be met with derision from fans and players.

And there's more: Three additional adidas schools -- Cincinnati, Kansas, and Notre Dame -- are getting the Zubaz-style shorts and pairing them with new sleeveless jerseys. Although these jerseys feature the traditional tank top format, they have the Zubaz-style stripe pattern around the shoulders and side panels. Woof!

Adding sleeves to a basketball jersey is an interesting move, but in this case the sleeves almost feel like an afterthought compared to the stripe pattern. You can see more photos of the sleeved jerseys in this slideshow: