WWE Power Rankings: Punk rocks again

It was an old-school night of Monday Night Raw, highlighted by The Undertaker's performance. Courtesy of WWE

Why even have the Intercontinental and U.S. titles anymore if the champions seem to lose more matches than they win?

If you’re going to waste the talents of Dolph Ziggler in the singles division, why not just use him in a tag team with Big E. Langston, call up Kassius Ohno (aka Chris Hero), reunite him with Antonio Cesaro, and have the Kings of Wrestling feud with the Ziggler/Langston team and The Shield over the tag team belts (TLC triple threat, anyone)?

How do you ever expect to make new stars if the most talented young performers are pushed to the bottom of the card and are forced to lose over and over and over again?

Why does Zeb Colter look like Colonel DeBeers on a fishing trip?

These are just a few of the many questions that crossed my mind while watching Old School Raw, a night when the crowd seemed more into the return of the New Age Outlaws than the face-to-face showdown between The Rock and John Cena, and a night when, again, CM Punk proved that his “Best in the World” catchphrase is more than mere words.

Which brings me to one last question before kicking off this week’s Power Rankings: Will CM Punk versus The Undertaker actually close the show at WrestleMania and serve as the night’s marquee attraction?

That’s a notion that would’ve seemed ludicrous a few months ago, especially considering the popularity of The Rock. But after seeing the boring exchange between Rock and Cena on Monday night (other than Rock’s great line about Lance Armstrong), I think, once again, you have to go back and credit Punk for creating the fire and intensity behind the Punk/Rock feud and giving the fans something to care about heading into the two title matches (anytime a man is shot in the face and cares more about CM Punk losing his belt, you know you’re on to something special).

To me, the most intriguing match of WrestleMania 29 is CM Punk versus The Undertaker, streak versus respect, and with the amount of respect Taker has for this business, I wouldn’t put it past him to help turn a star into a legend by letting the man who carried WWE for more than a year get the biggest pin of his life.

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