WWE Power Rankings: Lesnar up, Rock out

Brock Lesnar has returned to the WWE in dominating fashion, now sitting at the top of our rankings. Courtesy of the WWE

Can somebody explain to me the point of CM Punk losing to The Rock twice and breaking up the most significant title reign in years, a reign that actually helped bring meaning back to the WWE Championship, when in the buildup to Wrestlemania, WWE creative knew The Rock wasn’t going to show up on every Raw (even via satellite)?

Every Rock no-show leaves me more and more frustrated. If the point was to build to the John Cena versus Rock rematch nobody over 12 wants to see, couldn’t it have been done without taking the title off the guy who actually busts his butt on every show? Adding the WWE Championship to the Undertaker-Punk match, making it streak versus title, ups the ante far more than putting the title on the line in the Twice in a Lifetime main event. But maybe that’s just me.

Speaking of no-shows, if you know you don’t have The Rock next week due to a scheduling conflict, wouldn’t you shoot some new backstage content while he’s there to fill in the holes? Can’t you tape Rock and Cena getting into a backstage brawl or a fight in the parking lot while you have them both in the building? That way, when Rock is out doing whatever it is he does other than defending the title, he can at least be on the show every week as we build toward the biggest event of the year?

Crazy, I know, to actually expect to see the WWE champ on Raw.

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