Are these new Jaguars, Dolphins jerseys?

Purported leaks of the new Jaguars and Dolphins jerseys have surfaced on Instagram. Twitter user @C_Mitchko

The Dolphins have announced that they'll finally unveil their new logo and uniforms on April 18. The Jaguars, who already revealed their new logo in early February, are expected to unveil new uniforms in April as well.

But as we all know, the Internet doesn't like to wait and doesn't care about carefully calibrated marketing schedules.

Translation: There's a new leak of the new Dolphins logo, and the first leak (so far) of the new Jags jersey. They were tweeted overnight by a Twitter user named Corey Mitchko (@C_Mitchko), who said he found them while looking through the photos of an Instagram user named sneaker_pimp_simmons. The images are now rocketing through the uni-verse and the larger sports world.

Let's start with the Dolphins logo. There have been lots of purported Dolphins leaks in recent weeks, but this is by far the most convincing one, because it appears to shows the new logo on a jersey sleeve. The image could have been Photoshopped, of course, but this definitely has the feel of the real thing. Personally, I think it looks fine. Not necessarily an upgrade from the team's old logo, but not a downgrade either.

As for the Jags jersey, it too could be a Photoshop hoax. But if it's legit, there are several noteworthy items here. For one thing, the Jags appear to be reclaiming gold as a team color. New number font, too. And it's interesting that they chose to orient the logo patch with the jaguar's head facing left. NFL logos are usually (but not always) right-facing. Indeed, when the new logo was unveiled last month, it was shown facing right.

Neither team has yet confirmed the images' legitimacy, but there will be increasing pressure for them to issue some sort of statement as these photos continue to circulate. What do you think of them?