WWE Power Rankings: Where's The Rock?

John Cena had little trouble with Darren Young, while Cena's main rival, The Rock, was absent again. Courtesy of WWE

Quick, name the five worst gimmicks in WWE history? Mantaur, Bastion Booger, Kerwin White, Kizarny and the Red Rooster all jump to the front of my mind, but if WWE keeps pushing Fandango down our throats, he might finish at the top of my bottom-feeders. Seriously, I can’t remember a more crowd-killing character to come around in recent memory, and to make matters worse (as if the silly dancing weren’t bad enough), all of his “pronounce my name right” segments just go on and on and on with no merciful end in sight.

But Fandango wasn’t the only problem (although I appreciate the crowd chanting “You can’t wrestle!” during his segment), as last night’s Raw will go down as one of the historically bad nights in wrestling television (and a clear signal that they need to end the three-hour experiment).

Wrestlemania is less than three weeks away and we had another no-show from WWE champ The Rock; a crowd that has so turned on Alberto Del Rio that they were actually chanting “USA” while the supposed heel Jack Swagger was beating him down and welcoming him to Jack Swagger’s America; and a promo in which, instead of John Cena going all ether on The Rock for not showing up (again!), he instead traded pointless jabs with the Primetime Players before burying Darren Young and making one of WWE’s most promising young tag teams look like noncontending fools.

Maybe instead of a Top Ten, this week I should’ve done a bottom ten. I swear it would’ve been easier.

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