WWE Power Rankings: Booking the Mania

The crowd won't be with John Cena at WrestleMania's main event, but he's favored against The Rock. Courtesy of WWE

With less than a week until WrestleMania 29, I’ve been flooded with requests from wrestling fans curious to see how I’d book the show.

And while I’m not going to go over all four hours match by match, here are a few ideas I’m hoping to see play out Sunday night at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J., concerning the most important bouts on the card.

The Shield versus Randy Orton, Sheamus and Big Show

The Shield should win and win big (I’m talking triple power bombing Big Show through a stack of tables big). The loss should frustrate Randy Orton to the point of no return, RKOing Sheamus and then punting Show in the face for the loss, turning Orton heel. And it will also spear the Shield’s next feud as they continue to work their way up the card.

Dolph Ziggler and Big E. Langston versus Team Hell No

It’s time to split Team Hell No up, and dropping the belts to Dolph Ziggler and Big E. Langston is the perfect scenario. This might even lead to Ziggy and Big E. versus the Shield (Freebird rules!) down the road, while also giving Ziggler the chance to shine with multiple belts at one time (after cashing in Money in the Bank). Speaking of which …

Alberto Del Rio versus Jack Swagger

Let Swagger dominate this match physically, only for Del Rio to roll him up out of nowhere for the surprise win. Swagger continues to beat on ADR after the match, shattering his ankle in the process and opening the door for Ziggler to run down, cash in his briefcase and win the title. I’m hoping for some heated exchanges between Ziggler and Daniel Bryan in the tag match that can lead to a long-term Ziggler/Bryan feud throughout the summer (imagine a best-of-seven series between these two).

CM Punk versus The Undertaker

If this is The Undertaker’s last match, I think he should lose. Yeah, hate all you want, but by putting Punk over in the final match of his career, Undertaker would be helping build a heel to legendary status, and that’s something WWE can bank on for years, billing Punk as the man who put the 1 in 20-1. If Undertaker wins, I see him with one last big money-maker: Undertaker versus John Cena at WrestleMania 30.

Brock Lesnar versus Triple H

On one hand, you need Brock Lesnar to look like a complete monster in this match. On the other, the retirement stipulation means if Triple H loses, he’s out for good. I think this leads to some shenanigans (and possibly a fight against the McMahons), with Triple H ultimately beating Brock via the sledgehammer after some extra sweet chin music from Shawn Michaels. Which leads to …

The Rock versus John Cena

No way the WWE is going to let the Rock beat its top star on the biggest card of the year in back-to-back WrestleManias. It’s just not going to happen. But what if Cena wins, the Rock grabs the mike and starts talking about respect and the respect he’s gained for Cena as a man throughout the past three years, when all of a sudden the feel-good speech is interrupted by Brock Lesnar and CM Punk. Punk has a mike of his own and drops a pipe bomb of all pipe bombs on both Dwayne and John and how everyone in the back resents them, then they both charge the ring and it’s on. This turns into a wild fight with wrestlers crashing through the Spanish announcers' table and throwing steel chairs, and the only way this breaks up is for the entire roster to come out … but this leads to even more chaos as the Shield have Punk and Lesnar’s back, and other wrestlers take sides in a crazy brawl.

One month later, WWE introduces War Games: CM Punk, Brock Lesnar and the Shield vs. The Rock, John Cena, Ryback, Sheamus and Triple H. Talk about a dream match we never thought we’d see in a million years (and probably still won’t, but hey, that’s why it’s a dream match, right?).

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