First look at Mavericks redesign entries

Last week we reported that Mark Cuban was asking Mavericks fans for new uniform ideas. Now we have an exclusive first look at the designs that have been submitted so far, some of which are pretty good and some of which are, well, interesting. Let's take a look at some of the more notable ones (all images courtesy of CrowdSpring; click images to enlarge):

1. If you're looking for a really busy, complicated design, this one is pretty intriguing:


2. Prefer something simpler? You could do a lot worse than this skyline-based concept:


3. You say you want something even simpler than that? How about this two-tone design (although it would help if the designer hadn't misspelled Dirk Nowitzki's name):


4. Here's a completely different kind of approach. Not bad, although the chest logo kind of looks like a Snickers bar:


5. Remember how the Warriors wore jerseys with sleeves for a handful of games this past season? One designer thinks the Mavs should have sleeves too:


6. Remember the Mavs' old cowboy hat motif? Here's an interesting way to resurrect it:


7. Finally, it looks like someone's trying to curry favor with the guy who'll be making the final decision:

Screen shot 2013-05-20 at 3.29.55 PM.png

Want to see more? You can see all the designs that have been submitted so far here.

Incidentally, Cuban originally said he "might" give the winning designer some free tickets but made no other mention of compensation. The word now is that the first-place design will come with a prize of $600, with the runner-up getting $400. That's still not nearly enough for designing an NBA franchise's uniforms, but at least it's something.