Who bought Kobe Bryant's face mask?

Who paid $67,100 to acquire Kobe Bryant's game-worn face mask? We have a few educated guesses. Jayne Kamin-Oncea/US Presswire

A signed, game-used Kobe Bryant face mask has sold on eBay for $67,100. While the money goes to the Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Family Foundation, we don’t yet know who had the winning bid. Here are the most likely buyers:

Richard Hamilton -- The man is the NBA’s leading face mask aficionado. His home is likely decorated with a face mask motif. A mask used by one of the greatest players in NBA history would look perfect on the wall above his face mask display case in his grand face mask room in the face mask wing of his house, which is made from face masks.

Metta World Peace -- You know the problem with elbowing people in the head? Sometimes they elbow back. That’s why it’s smart to wear face protection.

Mitch Kupchak -- With Kobe Bryant in the latter stages of his career and David Stern more than happy to invent reasons to void Lakers trades for younger players, the future of the Lakers is in doubt. But by getting Bryant’s mask -- a mask custom-fit to his face -- Kupchak, the Lakers' general manager, would have a Kobe mold enabling him to mass produce an army of Kobe IIs.

Any celebrity Lakers fan -- A celebrity buying a plastic face that would allow them to still look vaguely like themselves for $67,100? That’s just another day in Los Angeles.

Kobe Bryant -- No one likes Kobe Bryant as much as Kobe Bryant does. Buying Kobe Bryant’s mask would give Kobe Bryant a great piece of memorabilia from Kobe Bryant’s amazing career.