It's official: Ed Reed is the new Brett Favre

The behavior of Ravens safety Ed Reed is beginning to eerily resemble that of a certain gunslinger. Rob Carr/Getty Images

Uh-oh. We have a big problem. Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed needs an intervention.

Check out this disturbing pattern:

Jan. 16, 2010 -- Ed Reed, on whether he would retire before the 2010 season: "It's 50-50."

2010 season -- Ed Reed plays.

June 2011 -- Ed Reed talks to ESPN's Ed Werder about Peyton Manning's neck surgeries: "I don’t want to be like these guys having neck surgery, then you got to go have another surgery just to continue to play this game. I love this game but I love myself more.”

2011 season -- Ed Reed plays.

March 29, 2012 -- Ed Reed tells the South Florida Sun-Sentinel at the Miami Hurricanes' Hall of Fame induction ceremony: "There's a lot of talk out there. I'm not going to say I'm 50-50, because I'm not. I want to play football. ... If it was up to me, I'd be with a walking cane out there. I don't know, man. I think four to five years is a reality for me."

May 17, 2012 -- Ed Reed says he is "not 100 percent committed" to playing this season and, when asked if the Ravens know of this, adds: "I'm sure they will after this interview."

2012 season -- Ed Reed will play.

This is not good. Not good at all. We now have three consecutive offseasons in which Reed has talked about retirement or made contradictory statements about playing.

Reed has gone full Favre. And everyone knows you never go full Favre.

Those out there who love or care for Reed in any way must do everything they can to get him the help he needs. Beg him to stop talking. Take away his cell phone, especially if it has a camera.

Reed must be stopped now before it gets worse. Consider this: Reed is already on his third year of "will he or won't he" despite being only 33. At Reed's age, Favre was still years from beginning his annual offseason soap opera.

If something isn't done now, I guarantee we will be have to suffer through an entire decade of Ed Reed retirement drama. Well, maybe "guarantee" is too strong of a word. Let's say it's 50-50.