Now up for bids: Fandom's eBay picks


eBay photo

One thing we plan to do here at Fandom is take a look at some of the cool sports-related items on eBay. There's so much cool sports-related stuff up for sale, ranging from traditional memorabilia (jerseys, bats, balls, trading cards) to more unusual items. And it's all fun to look at, even if you don't plan to bid on any of it.

Case in point: the groovy NFL Players Association belt buckle shown above. I've been an eBay devotee since the late '90s and a sports junkie for a lot longer than that, but I've never seen a buckle like that until now. Want it? It can be yours for a mere $125.

Some other good eBay items that are currently up for grabs -- all a lot less expensive than the buckle -- include the following:

Good stuff, right? We'll be featuring more eBay finds soon. Meanwhile, if you spot anything good on eBay, send your picks here.