Tasty ribs end Michigan-Ohio State rivalry

Brady Hoke and Urban Meyer eat ribs at the Sound Mind, Sound Body Camp on Wednesday. Michael Rothstein/ESPN.com

The 10 Years War. The Charles Woodson-David Boston fight. Woody Hayes refusing to buy gas in Michigan. Recruits burning letters from the other side.

The Michigan-Ohio State rivalry is perhaps the fiercest in sports. And with Michigan on the rise again under Brady Hoke and Ohio State starting fresh with Urban Meyer, nothing will ever change that.

Or so we thought.

Behold the healing power of ribs!

This photo was snapped by ESPN reporter Michael Rothstein at the Sound Mind, Sound Body camp near Detroit on Wednesday morning and posted to his Twitter account.

Yes, that is Hoke and Meyer feasting on ribs. At 9:26 in the morning.

Delicious, fatty, flavorful ribs. No rivalry, no hatred is strong enough to resist them.

There's already tangible evidence of the thaw between the programs. Shortly after the rib feast, Hoke broke a long-standing resolution and called Ohio State ... Ohio State!

College football fans may be upset that the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry is over, but they’ll get over it. They can drown their sorrows in a rack of breakfast ribs. By the time they wake up from their fat and calorie-induced coma around dinnertime, they’ll forget the rivalry ever existed. And, if not … more ribs!

Now let's get some ribs to Congress.