Uni Watch's take on Rays' "fauxback" unis

Rays manager Joe Maddon models the 1979 fauxbacks. Tampa Bay Rays

On Wednesday, the Tampa Bay Rays unveiled the 1979 throwback uniforms they will be wearing on June 30. Of course, the Rays didn't exist in 1979, so it's more of a fauxback than a throwback.

The team says the uniform is "intended to be a lasting fixture for Rays fans, fully embracing the style of the era while keeping the Rays' modern colors."

These fauxbacks are a lot like the hypothetical futuristic uniforms from the "Turn Ahead The Clock" concept worn over 14 games during the summer of 1999 (which I wrote about here).

That was viewed as a disaster at the time by everyone (including me), but now it seems like a fun thing, and the world would be a little less interesting if it hadn't happened.

I feel like the same is true of this promotion: It seems sort of stupid, but it's a fun idea.

I'll be curious to see if other teams try it.