Playbook's 10 keys for Thunder in Game 5

The Thunder should let Russell Westbrook either do this a lot if it works, or not a lot if it doesn't. Mike Segar/US Presswire

1. Have Russell Westbrook shoot all of the time if he’s going to make all of the shots again. If he’s not going to make all of his shots, don’t have him shoot.

2. Get James Harden to stop playing basketball how the average person with a beard plays basketball.

3. Feed the ball to Serge Ibaka on offense, so he can attack poor defender LeBron James.

4. Start Cole Aldrich. The Heat probably wouldn’t expect that.

5. Get every call and/or every break.

6. Wear their glasses during the game. That would have to help their court vision and shooting accuracy.

7. Search Twitter for advice. There's a lot of it there.

8. Do whatever they did in Game 1 instead of whatever they did Games 2, 3 and 4.

9. See if there’s any sort of loophole that might allow them to trade for LeBron James. If not, just stand there and hope LeBron blows this somehow all by himself.

10. Say they don’t agree to the terms of Game 5 and move to a new city.