Marvel Comics to release college apparel

Russell Athletic/Marvel Entertainment

It's trendy to refer to today's athletes as celebrities, but the more appropriate comparison is that modern athletes are superheroes. They have superhuman physiques and make superhuman plays on the field.

So it makes sense that Marvel Comics is teaming up with Russell Athletic to produce a line of college sports apparel that'll be hitting stores in August. Why have Bucky Badger or the Georgia bulldog on your T-shirt or hoodie when you can have Iron Man, Thor, or the Avengers?

The apparel program will include 200 schools, including prominent programs such as UCLA, Michigan State, Ohio State, Iowa and Baylor, and will feature a broad range of Marvel characters, including Spider-Man, Captain America, Hulk and Wolverine, all rendered in appropriate school colors.

But here's the thing: If you're going to have a superhero on your T-shirt, why not have him prowling the sideline too? Forget about putting some undergraduate kid in an owl costume or a gopher costume. Let's see Iron Man out there! The fans will love it, plus it should strike some fear into the hearts of the opposing players -- unless they have Wolverine on their sideline.