Uni Watch: Reviewing Texas A&M uniforms

Texas A&M has just unveiled new football uniforms. Here's an instant review.

• The new logo: not bad. The Texas outlining fits nicely, plus it distracts from that annoying beveling on the T. So applying Uni Watch's all-purpose litmus test, is it good or is it stupid? Good.

• The new jerseys: Back in the early 1970s, the Aggies wore stripes across their shoulders and sleeves. They've now hearkened back to that look by using stripes on their shoulders and base layer -- a good solution to the problem of today's virtually nonexistent football sleeves (plus, it's always a coup when you can get adidas to do anything with two stripes instead of three). They've put the "12th Man" designation on the base layer, too. Good.

• The helmets: There's now a white helmet option, which looks pretty sharp. Good.

The main problem is that they've added some unnecessary beveling to the uniform numbers. But that's a minor quibble. All in all, the Aggies are definitely ready for their SEC close-up.