Northwestern unis have serious chest stripe

The folks at Under Armour had promised that Northwestern's new football uniforms would make prominent use of the school's signature Northwestern stripe -- the thin-thick-thin pattern that Northwestern pioneered in 1928 and later spread throughout the sports world.

Most observers assumed this would mean a return to striped sleeves, or maybe striped socks.

Turns out something a bit bolder was in mind.

That's something, eh? The striping on the chest, which wraps around to the back, is sort of like a Montreal Canadiens jersey. Never seen anything like that on the gridiron, at least not in the past century or so.

I like it, although I wish the striping on the purple jersey was white instead of black. (Additional details on the new uniforms are available here.)

It's worth noting that Northwestern and Under Armour are using the undershirt as an extension of the jersey -- something adidas did for Texas A&M's new uniforms, which were unveiled earlier this month.

It remains to be seen if all players will wear the base layer (if not, these uniforms won't look very uniform), but for now, this seems like a good solution to the longstanding problem of sleeves having essentially disappeared on modern football jerseys.

Here's hoping more teams try this.