Nebraska alternate uni recalls pizza Noid

People have been saying for years now that Nebraska and Wisconsin have nearly identical football uniforms. The standard joke is that you can never tell the two teams apart when they play each other.

That won't be a problem this year, though. When the Badgers and Cornhuskers face off on Sept. 29 in Lincoln, the 'Huskers will be wearing a new alternate uniform featuring matching red jerseys and pants, a black helmet and a big black "N" on the chest.

Personally, I love the idea of the big chest letter -- kinda feels like an old-school varsity sweater. The problem is that it's executed in black. Would've looked way better if they'd done it in white. Ditto for the helmet.

Meanwhile, does this solid-red costume with a black "N" on the chest remind you of anyone? Think back to the Domino's Pizza "Avoid the Noid" ad campaign in the 1980s -- this new Nebraska uniform clearly owes a serious stylistic debt to the Noid!

Will savvy Wisconsin fans shower Memorial Stadium with Domino's coupons and Noid figurines when the two teams meet on Sept. 29? Will local Domino's outlets give Nebraska fans free pizza if the 'Huskers win? Will Michigan athletic director David Brandon, the former CEO of Domino's, be envious? Stay tuned.