Elevator company makes impact on sports

A first-class sporting venue must have the finest elevators. Just ask the Baltimore Orioles' mascot. AP Photo/David Goldman

Hot news off the wire for all you ascendancy junkies out there: Though the elevator industry has seen its ups and downs in recent years (Get it? Years?), the vertical transportation titans at Otis have nabbed a contract to install 21 energy-efficient elevators and escalators in Rio de Janeiro’s Maracana Stadium -- host to the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2016 Summer Olympics.

The elevators will play a critical role in ensuring the safety of some of the sporting world’s most celebrated figures as they transport from one floor to another. Those likely to utilize the elevators include: Lionel Messi, Bob Costas, that really lousy swimmer from Equatorial Guinea, Wayne Rooney’s hairline and several Chinese gymnasts who haven’t been born yet.

There may be some 'vator haters out there complaining about another big corporation getting its paws on some of our most cherished international events, once again denying struggling mom-and-pop elevator companies their fair shake. But those haters can go take the stairs. Otis elevators transport the equivalent of the world’s population every nine days, proving they’re eminently qualified to take the spotlight on the global stage. So next time you see the Olympic Torch, think Otis.

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