DJ Sober scoops on Dirk Nowitzki wedding

From DJ Sober on Instagram.

Not many people get to order Dirk Nowitzki to do the Dougie, Steve Nash to take on the Electric Slide or Mark Cuban to do the Cupid Shuffle.

That’s what DJ Sober, a Dallas-based disc jockey whose real name is Will Rhoten, did this past weekend at Nowitzki’s wedding reception.

Sober has toured across the country with his rap group A.Dd+, worked Erykah Badu’s birthday party and performed in New York and California with rappers such as Talib Kweli and Bun B, but he ranks Nowitzki’s reception as his coolest gig yet.

We caught up with DJ Sober to talk a little bit about the night.

ESPN Playbook: What was it like being the DJ at the wedding of an NBA superstar?

DJ Sober: It was a lot of fun. They had it set up really cool. They basically turned it into a club in the downstairs part of the venue they rented out. They had full lighting and the DJ booth was elevated with video screens behind it. And there were little booths on the side. They went above and beyond as far as making it look better than even some clubs I’ve seen. As far as the vibe, we played all types of stuff, like '80s and hip-hop – it was a broad and diverse group of people. We just party-rocked and played all different types of genres. They told us to play a Rolling Stones song, and this guy dedicated it to Dirk and did a Mick Jagger impression. He lip synched and did the dance. It was pretty great. It got loose.

Was it cool to see so many athletes in a different element?

Yeah. I saw Shawn Marion, Steve Nash, Mark Cuban… it was cool. At the end of the day, they’re just regular people, too. That puts that in perspective, just seeing them horse around, doing the Cupid Shuffle and everything else. At the beginning of the night it was like, ‘Whoa, that’s that guy.’ But then after you see it for a while, and you’re kind of controlling the party, it just kind of proves that these are regular people trying to have fun, who just happen to have a bit more fame and money. Everyone was super down to Earth.

As a lifelong Dallas fan, what was it like meeting Dirk?

Well, they had already gotten married and had a celebration, and this was the one here they did for the local people. He seemed pretty ready to get down. He came up in the DJ booth and talked to us and hung out, and he kind of watched from up there. His wife made a few announcements. We played all the wedding tunes that everyone dances to, and he was right in the middle. He would look up occasionally and give me and the other DJ a nod or a point if he liked the song. Now if I’m watching a game, I’ll feel this connection, just seeing a different side of someone like that. It’s not that I know him, but I saw a side of him other people don’t and experienced a very important part of his life. That’s a pretty big honor.