Music for ESPN's college football coverage

Dierks Bentley is part of ESPN's college football coverage. Jerod Harris/WireImage

A new batch of music is in rotation on College Football.

Here's a list of songs from performers featured on ESPNs College Football Programming, links to the artists' websites and links for you to download and buy the songs and/or albums:

2012 College Football Commercial

Dierks Bentley

  • "Am I The Only One" from the "Home” album (iTunes | Amazon)

Alberta Cross

  • "Crate of Gold" from the "Songs of Patience” album (iTunes | Amazon)

Air Dubai

Air Dubai

  • "All Day" not available for sale.

White Rabbits

  • "Are You Free" from the "Milk Famous” album (iTunes | Amazon)

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

  • "Keepsake" from the "The Lion The Beast The Beat” album (iTunes | Amazon)

Our Lady Peace

  • "As Fast As You Can" from the "Curve” album (iTunes | Amazon)

Kopecky Family Band

  • "The Glow" from the “Kids Raising Kids” album (iTunes | Amazon)


  • "On My Way Downtown" from the "Women & Work” album (iTunes | Amazon)


Dierks Bentley

Haley Reinhart

  • "Oh My" from the "Listen Up!” album feat. B.o.B (iTunes | Amazon)


  • "Like Lightning" from the "Women & Work” album (iTunes | Amazon)


The Vaccines

  • "If You Wanna" from the "What Did You Expect from The Vaccines?” album (iTunes | Amazon)

Haley Reinhart

  • "Hit the Ground Runnin’" from the "Listen Up!” album (iTunes | Amazon)

Air Dubai

  • "Restless Youth" from the "Wonder Age” album (iTunes | Amazon)


  • "I’m On A Roll" from the "I’m On A Roll” single feat. New Boyz & Rock Mafia (iTunes | Amazon)

2012 Longhorn College Football Commercial


  • "A State of Texas" from the "The Grand Theatre, Vol. 1” album (iTunes | Amazon)

Mute Math

  • "Typical" from the "Mutemath (DMD album)” album (iTunes | Amazon)

Willie Nelson

  • "Texas on a Saturday Night" from the "Revolutions of Time: The Journey 1975-1993” album (iTunes

2012 High School Football Commercial

Our Lady Peace

  • "As Fast As You Can" from the "Curve” album (iTunes | Amazon)


Dirty Guv’nahs

  • "We’ll Be the Light" from the "Youth Is In Our Blood” album (iTunes | Amazon)

Keith Masters

  • "Game Day Part II" not available for sale.

2012 Syndication College Football Commercial

Mekka Don

  • "Let’s Go" from the "Let’s Go” album (Amazon)

Mekka Don

Jesse Snider

  • "Crank It Up" not available for sale.

The Product

MUSIC on Friday Night Primetime College Football

Little Big Town

  • "On Fire Tonight" from the "Tornado” album (iTunes | Amazon)
  • Heisman and Bowl Season Commercial