Mat Kearney talks 'Chip Don't Go' song

Oregon football coach Chip Kelly on Friday interviewed with the Cleveland Browns and next will talk with the Buffalo Bills and the Philadelphia Eagles, according to team and league sources.

One fan, critically acclaimed musician Mat Kearney, has a few words for the popular coach who is being wooed by the NFL: "Chip Don't Go."

Kearney was sitting in his living room in Nashville, Tenn., watching the Fiesta Bowl on Thursday night between Oregon and Kansas State and heard all the talk on TV about how Kelly's spread offense would be perfect in the NFL. In the past four years as head coach, Kelly's record is 46-7.

"I had the lyric 'Chip Don't Go' and a few words, and my wife came in and said that it sounded like a good song," Kearney said. "I thought I'd finish writing it up and posting it to YouTube. I didn't realize it was going to take off like it did."

Kearney, who attends a few games a year and has met Kelly a few times, said, "As a storyteller, I felt it was appropriate to write really a love song for the past four years we've had and to celebrate that."

But that doesn't mean Kearney thinks his coach is going anywhere.

"My prediction is he comes back and we win four straight BCS championships in a row," he said. "Remember, that's just my prediction."