Hockey wife Carrie Underwood on playoffs

Country music superstar and proud hockey wife Carrie Underwood might very well be the busiest woman in music. Her new album, "Blown Away," is out May 1. And when she's not promoting the first single off that record, "Good Girl," Underwood is cheering on her husband, Nashville Predators center Mike Fisher, in the NHL playoffs. Somehow she found time in that busy schedule to "fill in the blanks" with Playbook Sounds:

1. I think playoff beards are awesome because my husband makes one look sooooo sexy!

2. If I had the Stanley Cup for a day, I would take it to Peterborough [Fisher's hometown in Ontario] and celebrate with Mike's family.

3. Three things I love about playoff hockey are winning, winning and Mike winning.

4. I have nightmares about the Zamboni.

5. Seeing Mike win a Stanley Cup is on my sports bucket List.

6. My favorite athlete of all time (besides Mike Fisher) is Troy Aikman (Oklahoma boy).

7. Screaming at the refs is my guilty pleasure during games.

8. I scream like a banshee during games when a goal (for the Preds) happens!

9. Besides hockey, I love the game of football and my favorite team is the Tennessee Titans because I've gotta support the hometown team!

10. If I could play any professional sport I would love to play football (I was a pretty mean quarterback for the Tri Sigmas during Greek Week).