Music Video Debut: "Bend. Buckle. Break." by Armstrong

Armstrong drops their new music video today for their song “Bend Buckle Break” featuring female Muay Thai boxer Amy Pirnie, currently the ISKA British champion and Thai Fighter UK's 2015 Female Fighter of the Year.

The video follows Pirnie training in the unrelenting effort to be the best fighter she can be. Underscored by Armstrong’s emotionally building music and moving lyrics, the video gives viewers a glimpse of the drive and dedication a fighter like Pirnie gives day in and day out.

Nicole Mason, the lead singer of the Glasgow-based band mentioned what it was like working with Amy Pirnie:

“One of the best bits of the day was that Tim (the director) asked Amy to be in the ring and she looked like she was worried and was thinking that she wasn't going to win the fight… Amy's reply was that she never thinks she's not going to win a fight when she's in the ring. It gave us a real insight just to how competitive and dedicated these fighters are. We all walked away with an even greater appreciation of the sport and the effort involved in these girls training regimes."

Pirnie seemed like she had a good time herself, stating:

“There were parts that were natural as it’s what I do day in and day out…the parts where I had to act I found hard to start with but got into the swing of it! I enjoyed the whole experience very much.”

Both the video and song came out fantastic, and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for both Armstrong and Amy.