Paul Pierce in 'Words With Friends' tourney

Pierce will be taking on the likes of Jonah Hill and Eva Longoria in Zynga's weeklong charity contest. Kim Klement/US Presswire

Paul Pierce has his eyes on another title — except this time, he won’t have to go through LeBron and the Heat to win it all. His toughest opponent actually might be one of the most famous rappers ever.

Zynga (the makers of "Farmville," "Zynga Poker" and "Words with Friends") announced the first "Words With Friends" Celebrity Challenge, which begins Thursday and runs through Oct. 3.

The round-robin competition includes a lineup that even "Dancing with the Stars" would be envious of: Eva Longoria, John Legend, Snoop Lion (Dogg), Jonah Hill, Sophia Bush, Kristen Bell, Ed Norton and -- the lone athlete representative -- Paul Pierce.

All are competing for $500,000 for their charity of choice. Pierce is playing for his foundation, The Truth Fund.

Via email, Pierce told Playbook: “Yes, I love 'Words With Friends,' play it all the time and was excited for this challenge.” He also shared his other must-have apps: “NBA, ESPN, Nike+. Obviously 'Words With Friends,' but I just also got into 'Scramble With Friends,' too.”

No word if Vegas has put odds on this event yet, but the NBA’s 25th all-time leading scorer already has scouted the competition.

“I heard Snoop likes to make up his own words, so we'll see how I do against him. I also heard that Ed Norton was a Celtics fan growing up, so I definitely want to show him how it's done.”

I just wonder how many points "Zydrunas Ilgauskas" is worth?