Tony Gonzalez partners on new fitness app

No matter what Tony Gonzalez decides to do in his post-football life, one thing is certain: Staying in shape will still be a big part of it. Throughout his 16-year NFL adventure, the man with the second-most career receptions relied on diet, training and exercise to maintain a level of excellence and stability like few others.

Soon, fans will be able to train right along with the future Hall of Famer, thanks to "FitStar: Tony Gonzalez," an app that transforms your iPad into a personal trainer, delivering a wide range of customized workouts that are as interesting and exciting as a video game.

The goal is to get people moving and keep them motivated to work out for the long term. Gonzalez and the FitStar co-founders hope to make an impact on our nation’s waistline -- which is no small challenge, considering two out of three Americans now qualify as overweight or obese.

The app is designed to be as portable as your iPad, and features more than 60 exercises that you can do anytime, anywhere -- no equipment required. But even if you aren’t quite ready for training camp, no sweat: Users can select their own fitness goals, with a range of programs targeted to busy lifestyles, general conditioning and weight loss.

For the competitive among us, the app will allow for social interaction, so you and your friends can strike up friendly competition and share progress, all from the comfort of your iPad. Lose 10 pounds? Let everyone know. You won’t be alone.

Look no further than the staff of the San Francisco-based start-up for a testimonial: One of the co-founders of "FitStar" managed to lose 30 pounds during the launch. Nice.

The "FitStar: Tony Gonzalez" app is set for release this spring.