'NCAA' cover vote down to eight athletes

Could Eddie Lacy be the next 'NCAA' cover athlete? AP Photo/Romeo Guzman

After 10 weeks of fans voting for their favorite universities to advance, EA Sports finally revealed the eight athletes who have the chance to represent those schools and appear on the cover of “NCAA Football 14.”

The candidates are Alabama’s Eddie Lacy; Florida State’s E.J. Manuel; Georgia’s Jarvis Jones; Michigan’s Denard Robinson; Notre Dame’s Tyler Eifert; Ohio State’s John Simon; Oregon’s Kenjon Barner; and Texas A&M’s Ryan Swope.

Voting is a bit odd, however, as fans need to pay attention to the official “NCAA Football” Facebook page and be on the lookout for posts that highlight the player you want to vote for. “Like” the image of the player from the post, and your vote will be cast.

Fans also can vote for the school (and not the player, even though it’s the player on the cover) by voting on the school polls that also are posted on Facebook.

The four players with the most votes will advance to the semifinal round, which begins Feb. 18.