Fast 5: Coolest cheat codes in sports games

From big heads to evil clowns, sports games back in the day offered some crazy cheats. Here are our favorites.

Play as the president: “NBA Jam” broke new ground with codes to play as politicians such as President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore.

Finish Him!: “NFL Blitz” featured the ability to play as Raiden and Shinnok from “Mortal Kombat.” Wonder what the NFL would think about that now?

Be Like Mike: Back when Michael Jordan took himself out of NBA-licensed video games, Konami and EA Sports both featured secret codes to unlock MJ in “NBA in the Zone” and “Live.”

Evil Clowns: “MLB SlugFest” included codes to unlock teams of evil clowns, horses, and bobbleheads.

Big Heads: What’s better than seeing Shawn Kemp helicopter through the air for a dunk in "NBA Jam"? Shawn Kemp with a big head dunking, that’s what.

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