Lance Armstrong on Mad magazine cover

Courtesy of Mad Magazine

Mad magazine's end-of-year "The 20 Dumbest" issue premieres on Dec. 18, and ESPN.com has the exclusive look at the cover.

No surprise here, as Mad's iconic cover-boy Alfred E. Neuman is depicted as disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong.

"It was back in October, during an interview with ESPN, that I first mentioned that a sports figure would be depicted on Mad’s cover of the '20 Dumbest People, Events and Things of 2012,'" editor John Ficarra said. "At that point, our choice was Shoeless Joe Jackson. We’re still not over that cheater! But ESPN guessed Lance Armstrong. That had never occurred to us. But we liked it and decided to go with the Tour de France cyclist. That fact that Armstrong was also a cheater dovetailed nicely with the whole Shoeless Joe angle we were working. As for Shoeless Joe, we’ll nail his butt next year!"