Brian Baumgartner 'helps' Carl Edwards win

Carl Edwards, Jared Fogle and actor Brian Baumgartner celebrate the big victory on Sunday. Courtesy of Subway

Carl Edwards ended a 70-race winless streak Sunday, winning the NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Phoenix International Raceway.

"This win feels as good or better as any win I've ever had," Edwards told the media after the race.

Could it have been a guest of his who actually helped him win the Subway Fresh Fit 500?

Baumgartner, famous for his role on "The Office," was grand marshal, delivering "Gentlemen, start your engines," to begin the race. He and Edwards both represent Subway sandwiches.

Playbook had a few minutes with Baumgartner to talk about his day.

How was Phoenix?

"This was my first NASCAR race. I'm a fan of all sports, but I had never been to a NASCAR event. It's pretty special. Seeing all these people here and those camping out in trailers and people up in the hills, it's amazing. I know they have to sweep it for rattlesnakes. Now that's commitment to be a fan."

How fast do you think you could drive?

"I've driven fast, just not legally. I understand the spirit of your question. I've gone probably 90 mph. Is that fast? I don't have a speed car. It's not a Prius or anything. But on the raceway, we did go a few laps around in the pace car and that was pretty cool."

You've always been a big guy. In the latest Subway commercial, you talk about possibly taking part in the Subway diet like Jared Fogle. Are you going to do it?

"Uh, no. That was a joke for the commercial. You don't realize that I'm deceptively athletic. That's good enough for me. I've been working 10 years playing a specific character. We'll see what the future holds."

This is the final season of "The Office." What has that show meant to you?

"It has totally changed my life, really for all of us. We're still tremendously proud of what the show has done. Not to be self-aggrandizing, but it revolutionized television. We put out high quality television and when we're done, we would have done more than 200 shows. I feel really blessed. Kevin Malone was a character. Not to sound cheesy, but I'm an actor. I'm excited to go out and move forward and do different type of things."

I know you love golf. How is your game these days?

"I've got 11 more shooting days on 'The Office." I really need to get out on the golf course. My handicap last summer was 8.8 so I know I need to get it at least there. I achieved single digits but now I want to go even lower. My big tournament is in Tahoe in July. I'm such a fan of sports. I'll be heading out there, trying not to embarrass myself."