Social media: Ozzie Guillen quits Twitter

Ozzie Guillen, manager of the Miami Marlins, is giving up Twitter. Will that curb his mouth? Steve Mitchell/US Presswire

Ozzie Guillen has signed out of Twitter -- for good. The Miami Marlins' manager posted what he said would be his final update Thursday, writing: “my last tweet. me ultimo tweet good luck buena suerte.”

Guillen took the social media scene by storm when he joined Twitter during spring training two years ago. After all, outspoken manager meets site known for providing high-profile personalities a platform on which to stick their foot in their mouth. It seemed hard to imagine a better match.

The manager's colorful personality certainly was on display via his posts. But aside from getting in trouble for a post-ejection tweet last season, he managed to steer clear of social media controversy. Guillen is not the first sports personality to close down a social media account, but with more than 230,000 followers and having been named to pretty much every sports-themed “must-follow” list, he’s one of the most high profile to call it quits.

According to reports, Guillen tired of the negativity from other users. That, coupled with a lack of financial incentive, drove him to exit the Twitterverse.

“I hate Twitter,” Guillen said when reporters asked about his quitting the social media site. “It’s a stupid thing. I never made money out of that.”

Clearly, he wasn’t working with Terrell Owens’ people.

Giants unveil virtual bling

Just because you never played a down in Super Bowl XLVI doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a ring. The New York Giants rolled out an app that allows fans to “try on” the team’s Super Bowl rings as well as hoist the Lombardi trophy.

In the first use of augmented reality technology by an NFL team, fans can download the free GoldRun app to their Android or iPad/iPhone/iPod mobile device. Users can then take photos of themselves “wearing” the team’s 2011 championship rings or holding the trophy. Fans can post the photos to their various social media accounts.

Sure beats the old days of having to win a ring -- or at the very least buy one on eBay.

NBA hits 5M

The NBA became the first sports league to reach 5 million Twitter followers, hitting the milestone this week. By comparison, the NFL has 3.3 million followers, MLB just surpassed 2 million and the NHL is approaching 1.2 million on the microblogging platform.

Overall, the NBA’s Twitter feed is the fifth-most followed sports account, and trails only soccer stars Kaka (who became the first athlete to hit 10 million followers late last month) and Cristiano Ronaldo, Shaq, and FC Barcelona.

Fake Jordan Farmar Strikes Again

The NBA has more than 200 of its athletes on Twitter, but Jordan Farmar still isn’t one of them.

After Lakers point guard Steve Blake missed a late 3-pointer in Los Angeles’ 77-75 Game 2 loss to Oklahoma City, @JordanFarmar2 tweeted, “Guess who would have made that 3 ptr…” The tweet, a jab at Farmar’s former team, garnered dozens of retweets and was even picked up by media.

Of course, the real story is that the account -- which boasts more than 12,000 followers but is unverified -- doesn’t belong to Farmar, now with the Nets. And it’s not the first time a phony Farmar has made social media headlines. Milwaukee guard Brandon Jennings deleted his Twitter account in early 2010 after feuding with a Farmar imposter.

“For anyone who was duped (again), Jordan Farmar does NOT have a Twitter account,” tweeted Brendan Meyer of Wasserman Media Group, which represents Farmar.

Turns out it’s easier for people to believe a fake account is legit than it is to accept the fact that an athlete isn’t on Twitter in 2012.

Logging in, signing off

Rangers slugger Josh Hamilton joined Twitter this week (kind of), while the University of Montana football team became the most recent program to ban use of the social networking site by players.

Account to check out

Stadium Love on Tumblr -- This photo-driven blog curates images of sports venues from around the world. Credit the folks behind the account for finding outstanding photos on a consistent basis when it would be easy to fall back on the mundane.

Elsewhere in the social mediasphere

The LPGA becomes the latest professional sports organization to integrate social media into the game. The LPGA Championship next month will mark the debut of player Twitter handles on caddies’ bibs.

The UFC handed out its most recent round of Twitter bonuses.

Denmark’s culture minister questioned whether banning the Danish national soccer team from using Twitter was a violation of free speech.

With a bit of sarcasm (not to mention playoff success), the Los Angeles Kings have seen their Twitter following jump from 70,000 to 120,000 this postseason.

Tony Hawk and Activision have turned to Facebook to let fans determine additional downloadable levels for "Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD" video game.