Ryan Tannehill discusses draft, wife's fame

Former Texas A&M QB Ryan Tannehill has become a hot commodity as the NFL draft approaches. Brendan Maloney/US Presswire

Ryan Tannehill and Robert Griffin III have been rivals for several years. They're both from Texas and squared off as college foes when Griffin was at Baylor and Tannehill was at Texas A&M.

But now, they're teammates. On the business side, anyway.

On Thursday, adidas announced it had signed Tannehill, as he visited ESPN to talk about his future and his NFL draft prospects. He joins Griffin as a top adidas prospect in this class.

"We were just up in Portland together last week," Tannehill said of Griffin. "He's a good guy, a great competitor. I'm glad to be on the same team together."

On the subject of teammates, whatever team lands Tannehill is landing another star. His wife, Lauren, who has been modeling for several years, became Internet famous after the annual Thanksgiving rivalry game against Texas this year, after ESPN cameras highlighted her in the stands.

A starting quarterback is accustomed to media scrutiny. But what about of his wife (who was his fiancée at the time)?

"No, I think it's funny. I think it's great whenever people tweet her or say anything about it. It's pretty funny," Tannehill said. "She went into a restaurant a couple of days later and the waiter said, 'I saw you on TV. You're Ryan's girlfriend.' I thought the whole thing was great."

Tannehill has been on a wild ride leading up to next week's draft. His stock has risen sharply, and he's now projected to go anywhere from Cleveland at No. 4 overall to Miami at No. 8. But Tannehill insists he's not checking out real estate in any cities just yet.

"I have zero idea where I'm going. I'm definitely thinking about it," he said. "It's tough to decide anything because you have no idea where you're going to be. My wife's looking forward to finding out where we're going to be so we can start that process."

Obviously, many A&M fans will always have a disdain for their burnt orange rivals over in Austin, despite conference affiliation. So how many Aggies have told Tannehill they're pulling for Cleveland, if for no other reason than to try to depose incumbent starter Colt McCoy, an old A&M nemesis from Texas?

"Actually not too many," Tannehill said, laughing. "But I haven't been in College Station that much because I've been on the road so much traveling all over the place. I bet if I was there, I'd be hearing it."