Benny Marchant on 'Crooked Arrows' music

Life has come full circle for Benny Marchant.

He played college lacrosse at Washington College in Maryland and won a Division III national championship in 1998.

While in school, he and his friends form the band NRG and traveled the Washington, D.C., area performing his style of alternative folk rock music.

Marchant and the band split after school, and Marchant headed to Nashville to hone his songwriting skills and then moved on to California to spread his wings.

Fast-forward to these days, and Marchant's newest single -- "Back To Life" -- was chosen to appear in the feature film "Crooked Arrows", starring Brandon Routh. The movie is about Routh's character coaching the Native American high school lacrosse team which competes against the better equipped and better trained players of an elite prep school.

"The lacrosse community is very strong, and this is a great family film," said Marchant, who is releasing a new LP in September. "I'm really honored to be part of the movie."

And Marchant still loves the game of lacrosse.

"I really miss playing the game. I'm always playing catch with my brothers and his kids," Marchant said. "I've even played a halftime show at a Major League Lacrosse game. I do have to watch playing though. Don't want to break my hand -- since I play the guitar."