Facebook launches special Olympics page

The Olympics just made it easier to connect with athletes such as Lolo Jones on Facebook. AP Photo/Michael Probs

Where can you find Lolo Jones next to Mike Krzyzewski across from Chris Bosh close to Michael Phelps?

The Olympic Village, maybe, but that's months off -- and who's going to be there, anyway? Today, anyone can catch all of the most popular international athletes on the Olympics' new Explore London 2012 page -- launched Monday by Facebook to keep athletes organized online and makes it easier for fans to find and "like" their new (or old) favorites.

Sorted by athletes, teams and competitions, it takes just a few clicks to find nearly everything officially tied to the Olympic Games -- and just one click on each to follow or view a specific person or page.

In all, the page will be available in 22 languages, and already more than 165 athletes and competitors are connected.

Yeah, including Coach K. Hey, he's got more than 27,000 likes already ...