Vanessa Lachey on hubby's love of sports

Vanessa and Nick Lachey, married since last July, are expecting their first child this fall. AP Photo/Jason DeCrow

It's Earth Day, and we tracked down actress Vanessa Lachey (cohost of ABC's "Wipeout"), who is working with Procter & Gamble to launch “Take a Load Off” campaign, which encourages U.S. consumers to switch to cold water laundry washing to help save energy.

"Since I am a soon-to-be mother, I really started thinking about ways I could safeguard the future for my child. This is an easy household change that has a meaningful impact," said Lachey, who has been married to former 98 Degrees singer Nick Lachey for nearly 10 months. "I think people get overwhelmed with the idea of 'green'. So, I want to spread the word on how they can get started on making a difference."

OK, this is ESPN. How crazy is your husband about sports and has that changed things for you?

"He is a sports fanatic! All year long! It goes from the Super Bowl at the beginning of the year, and then there's basketball, college and pro. Major League Baseball rings in the spring. And football lets us know it's almost fall. And of course who can forget Nascar all year long!!! We are a #48 [Jimmie Johnson] house. Don't forget golf and tennis sprinkled in there. And every four years an Olympic marathon! Gotta love it!"

Nick loves Cincinnati and all things around it. What do you think about that area?

"Cincinnati is a great city! We are excited to raise our family there! They have an NFL team and an MLB team. Nick talks about taking our kids to games. In fact, the first thing he said to our child through my belly was the Bengals 'Who Dey' chant! Haha! I will never forget that."