May-Treanor talks Olympics, unis, 'DWTS'

Two-time gold medalist Misty May-Treanor is eager to head to London for the Summer Olympics. AP Photo Butch Dill

Misty May-Treanor is a two-time Olympic gold medalist -- currently the most successful female beach volleyball player with 110 championship victories -- and married to Los Angeles Dodgers catcher Matt Treanor. It's a month away from the Olympics, and May-Treanor is pretty busy. And fans now have a chance to play volleyball with her.

Are you nervous about the Olympics just around the corner?

"I am anxious to get over to London. Every time I get new information about logistics I get a little more excited. We have one more tournament that we are going to play in before we leave for London on July 22. It seems like time has flown by since Beijing and now London is right here."

Saying are you in bikini shape is kind of silly, right?

"I don’t think it’s a silly question but we do have to work hard. We don’t think of it as putting on a bikini, but putting on our uniform. Since we play on the beach, our uniform happens to be a bathing suit. With the hard work you get into bikini shape, but I think anyone can get into great shape as long as they work on it through the nutrition side as well as the physical side."

Tell me about your wish to get back onto "Dancing With the Stars" with your post on Facebook.

Well it’s funny. The post kind of grew legs of its own. I wasn’t pleading for them to invite me back and I am not on my knees asking them, but I do know that they have an all-star cast where fans can vote to bring people back on the show. All I did was post four points on Facebook saying why I want to go back on. The first point was that I want to finish what I started. The second was that I never got voted off. The third was I want to dance for my husband because when his season finally ended and he was able to actually watch me dance live for the first time, I had gotten injured that Saturday before. And finally, I want to perform for my fans because I like interacting with people and when people have fun watching me do something it puts a smile on their face -- that’s what I like to do. So hopefully they invite me back but you never know. I am glad I had the opportunity when I did and I hope the opportunity comes around again to let me finish."

You met your husband Matt at a sports therapy facility?

"Yes, my husband and I met at a physical therapy facility in Anaheim called SMI. Every athlete in their offseason is mending their wounds and it was something that happened. I’m glad it did!"

Now tell me how I can play volleyball with you.

"As part of my partnership with Arnold and Oroweat Bread, there’s a contest where people can go to the Facebook page and submit their favorite sandwich recipe by July 2, so it’s got to be in soon, to win a private volleyball clinic with myself. I love interacting with my fans, so this is a great way for them to enter a contest and have a chance to win a day with me."