Trending: Chad Ochocinco marries Evelyn

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Chad Ochocinco began his first full day of married life early Thursday bright and early while most of his wedding guests were worn out from Wednesday's festivities:

Ochocinco married Evelyn Lozada Wednesday, as his new avatar notes (see rings), and much of the day was carried live to his 3,571,000-plus Twitter followers. During the day, he tweeted he was “breathing like a pregnant lady in lamaze class right now... I was hoping continuing to tweet with y'all support would calm me down.” Getting married might be the most explosive way to spend July 4:

Among those who probably had a bit of a headache Thursday was the bride herself. Ochocinco, who does not drink alcohol, is never one to avoid the "Too Much Information Department:"

Getting married might be the most explosive way to spend July 4, as an earthquake from nearby Antiqua rattled the nearby Caribbean island of St. Martin, where the nuptials took place:

During the big event, Lozada, 36, changed her outfit at least four times, according to the Twitter accounts, and that left Ochocinco, 34, a bit confused:

Among the guests was Franklin, Ohio widow Cheryl Minton, 66, who came to the wedding at Ochocinco's invite and expense after she tweeted him on Tuesday about the recent loss of her husband:

From Chad Ochocinco on Lockerz.

The ceremony was filmed "Ev and Ocho," which will air on VH1 beginning in September. From all accounts, it went smoothly. The couple received congratulations from Deion Branch, Ochocinco's former teammate in New England, Royce Reed, Lozada's former rival on "Basketball Wives," and many others. The cited scripture below reads: "Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the Lord."

As far as the honeymoon, Ochocinco tweeted it will be short. He made another vow of sorts in this tweet to long-time coach Charlie Collins:

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