Sasquatch, Summitt, Tebow head ESPYS

Backstage At The ESPYS (1:23)

Get a behind the scenes look at 20th annual ESPY Awards. (1:23)

LOS ANGELES -- First-time ESPYS host Rob Riggle said he was nervous when the night began, but he loosened up and let the jokes fly on Wednesday night at the Nokia Theatre at L.A. Live.

• On NBA No. 1 draft pick Anthony Davis' unibrow: "It looks like two caterpillars makin' sweet love on your forehead."

• On New York Knicks sensation Jeremy Lin: "It's so refreshing to see an Asian kid graduate from Harvard, move to New York, and make a ton of money. $28 million. ... Or as his Harvard classmates call it, 'It's a good start.' "

• On Steve Nash playing for the Lakers: "We gotta give you a cool nickname. ... Oh, I got it. Kobe beef and Nash potatoes. Trademark it!"

Here's a look at some of the other big moments of the night:


The highlight was the arrival of Sasquatch with San Francisco Giants pitcher Brian Wilson. Last year, Wilson wore a onesie that captivated the crowd. This time, probably to deflect people from asking questions about his injured elbow, Wilson brought the 7-footer.

“He looks great, doesn’t he? And he smells pretty good, right?” said Wilson, who was sporting a knit cap because he said he was having a bad hair day. “Sasquatch was mad that I didn’t bring him last year so he pouted a little bit. So for Christmas, I decided to give him this present: bringing him to the ESPYS, and he’s having a great time.”

The other funniest scene was when the football family Gronkowskis made an appearance on the red carpet. The brothers were laughing and having a great time and even did some wheelbarrow racing. As they made their way past the print media, Gordie Gronkowski laid on the ground, and then Rob Gronkowski came over and gave him an atomic elbow. The crowd went wild. In fact, the photographers asked them to do it again. They didn't.

“I didn’t think he actually was going to hit me,” Gordie said. “I thought he was going to let up and fake it. But he obviously got caught up in the moment!”


1) The stunner was tennis superstar Maria Sharapova. She was wearing a long, blue, sheer dress that was perfect for the 90-degree temperatures. 2) Pro golfer Bubba Watson was wearing a paisley shirt and a paisley jacket. He had the casual cool look. 3) Former basketball player and now broadcaster Cedric Ceballos was wearing pink basketball shoes to match his pink tie.


1) The arrival of Nash, who recently signed with the Los Angeles Lakers, drew the biggest cheer from the audience on the red carpet and from the studio crowd during the show. When he presented the award for Best Team, Nash said, "Hello, Los Angeles. I am very happy to be here." The crowd went wild. 2) New York Knicks guard Jeremy Lin, when he was announced in the audience and when he won his award. After winning, he was backstage with New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow and actress Jessica Biel. Lin said he was honored to win the award, "but, in fact, standing next to Jessica and Tim might just be better than this award.” 3) Tebow, who was on stage at the beginning of the telecast to help deliver some jokes with host Rob Riggle and when he won his award for "Best Moment."


1) Pat Summitt’s speech for winning the Arthur Ashe Award. In part, she said in her speech: “It is time to fight. I ask you to join me now. Together, we will win!”

2) Former Rutgers football player Eric LeGrand, who was paralyzed while playing, winning the Jimmy V Award.

And 3) When San Francisco 49ers tight end Vernon Davis and teammate Patrick Willis brought Jimmy Murphy, a fan they met on the red carpet who is battling cystic fibrosis, on stage as they accepted the “Best Game Award.”


1) NBA superstars Blake Griffin and Kevin Love can’t hear Rob Riggle and take some shots at him.

2) Riggle and Vince Vaughn make a bet while playing horseshoes. Watch it here.

3) Riggle and Joel McHale have a weird way of shaking hands.



1) Presenter Rob Lowe, who was walking around on crutches: "I rolled my ankle playing basketball, with my children. I think they were out to get me."

2) Tim Tebow on Jeremy Lin: “Linsanity is bigger than Tebowing. Did you see what he did this past year? That was amazing.”

3) Lindsey Vonn Tebowed when she announced that her friend Tim Tebow had won "Best Moment:" "I almost ripped my dress doing that. And I thought I wasn't going to get back up."


"I was happy with the way the show came out. It wasn't just me. I had a great team of writers and producers here. When I heard some of those moving speeches, I was feeling it like everyone else. They were real stories of inspiration. It inspired me like everyone else. I considered myself an audience member during those moments."