Steve Byrne talks 'Sullivan & Son,' hockey

When comedian and friend Vince Vaughn tells you to write a TV pilot, you do it.

So half-Korean/half-Irish comedian Steve Byrne went out and bought several sitcom-writing books and several screenplay books.

"I was reading these books like a college student. I started it out in a diner and eventually switched to a bar," Byrne said. "I was wishfully thinking it would be set in Pittsburgh around my friends and family."

And the result was the script for Thursday's 10 p.m. premiere of "Sullivan & Son" about a lawyer (Byrne) who returns to his hometown of Pittsburgh for a party and eventually takes over the family bar.

Don't be surprised to see some hockey references in the show. Byrne is a rabid fan and has been since he was a kid growing up there.

"Hockey fans are like soccer fans. We like the role of underdogs," Byrne said. "Each year we're going to get better and better."

Byrne hasn't given up the game yet, either.

On Tuesdays, in Burbank, Calif., Byrne and some friends rent out a rink to play.

"We're there from 11:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. playing and just relaxing and having fun," Byrne said. "I'm just trying to lose enough weight to avoid manpits."