Gabriel Iglesias on weight loss, comedy

Comedy Central

You might not notice the 25-pound weight loss for comedian Gabriel Iglesias tonight on Comedy Central during the premiere of the second season of "Gabriel Iglesias Presents Stand-Up Revolution," but he does.

"My goal is to lose about 100 pounds. That is on my bucket list," said Iglesias, who tips the scale at well over 350 pounds. "I'm not trying to get to an ideal weight. I just want to get healthy, and I want to make sure my diabetes goes away."

The 36-year-old Iglesias, known for his shows "I'm Not Fat ... I’m Fluffy" and "Hot & Fluffy," said he's taking yoga from professional wrestler Diamond Dallas Page to combat the diabetes he was diagnosed with just a few years ago.

"I think I'm funny enough to sustain my show even if I lose some weight," said Iglesias, who has been doing stand-up since 1997. "I'm doing movies, traveling to the Middle East, and thinking about my family. I want to be around."

Tonight, Iglesias will introduce America to a handful of new comics performing at the Fort Lauderdale Improv. Comedians include Ian Bagg, Tony Baker, Dov Davidoff, Pablo Francisco, Dillon Garcia, Nick Guerra, Trevor Noah, Thai Rivera, Alfred Robles, Wil Sylvince, Gina Yashere and Dustin Ybarra.

"I told these comedians to go out there and have fun. The great thing about the show is if they messed up, we can edit it out!" Iglesias said. "I think the environment was conducive for a good show."

And Iglesias is auditioning and ready for more movie roles, like the one he had as a DJ in the summer blockbuster "Magic Mike" about male strippers.

"All the actors were really cool. It was funny when the director yelled, 'Cut,' and you'd see all these actors with weights, bungee cords and dumbbells," Iglesias said. "Thankfully, I had the craft food services all to myself."