Jeff Kent on 'Survivor,' knee injury, Giants

Former baseball star Jeff Kent is still a thriving competitor on CBS's "Survivor: Philippines," which airs its fifth episode Wednesday night.

Playbook talked with Kent about the show, his knee injury at the beginning of the season and his thoughts on his former team, the San Francisco Giants.

Thankfully, the Giants' game today is at 4 p.m. ET, so you’ll have time to watch yourself on "Survivor," right? How do you think you’ve come across on the show after a few weeks?

"I’m not watching the show till about 11 tonight. I have baseball practice I have to coach. I have never really worried about my image or how I am perceived in all I do. As you get older you worry less about how you are perceived and you worry more about how you represent your family and yourself. In 'Survivor' I wanted to represent myself as a good player. I think the show is going great so far. I think the show has done a great job of bringing reality to the fans for all the castaways."

What do you think you would have done differently in the episodes that have aired?

"I think I would have tried harder to find the idol. The episodes made it look like we weren’t trying to find it and that wasn’t necessarily true, but we definitely weren’t trying as hard as Penner was."

You looked pretty manly with your injury. Just between you and me, how much did it hurt?

"Yeah, it hurt. Because of my sports background I knew that I hurt my knee bad. I started the show about 8 months out of ACL replacement surgery. I was 8 months out of that and I thought I tore it again. I was scared. I even thought they were going to have to pull me. There was no way I was going to go all that way and not play. Throughout the day I figured out it wasn’t my ACL it was my medial meniscus. As the day went by it came together and I was able to deal with the pain."

What have your friends said about your appearance on the show?

"They are all liking it. They all knew who I was and knew the history of the game -- big celebrities and big people don’t always survive. Some people knew that I am a big outdoors guy and thought I would do great and others knew my personality and thought I wouldn’t do well with the social game and I would get kicked off right away. Everyone is having a great time with it."

OK, Giants versus Cards. How do you think that’ll play itself out and who do you think will make the World Series?

"There is a lot of history with both those teams. I’m a Giants fan and I’m a Giant at heart. I’m a Giants player. I played my best years with them. Every bit of me is pulling for them and hoping they win. Watching the Cardinals I think they are a team that could win, but I just believe that the Giants are not going to let the Cardinals win so that is why they are going to win. That is just how resilient the San Francisco Giants are."