A new way to look at Stockton & Malone

Introducing Athlete Objects: a creative project from graphic artist Jesse Hora, who turns famous players into unique shapes and images using their attributes, nicknames and other factors for inspiration.

First up: With the Utah Jazz back in the playoffs, why not honor two of the franchise's legends?


The objects:

Piece of mail: Nicknamed “The Mailman.”

Hat: The Mailman has to dress the part.

Macaroni w/ hornet: This guy was known to throw a mean elbow -- ask Isiah Thomas.

Pear: He and Stockton were a pair like no other; how many times did the announcers say "Stockton to Malone!"?


The objects:

Sock: Because a jagged arrow on a graph (stock) is stupid.

Mr. Cyst: This guy was a human assist.

Pass: Even his cyst is passing the ball to get an assist.

Short shorts: Loved sporting the old-school shorty shorts.

Pear: See Malone.

Check out more at athleteobjects.com.