Indiana Pacers fan has redesign for team

Ben Phillippe, an Indianapolis native and longtime Indiana Pacers fan, has a proposal: A redesign of the team's colors, apparel and court that melds the franchise's dynamic ABA history with its current on-the-rise form (the Pacers are the third seed in the East, favored to top the Orlando Magic in the first round).

He's also an aspiring filmmaker, and he put his vision in video motion:

"I have always loved the Pacers old-school look, and I wanted to design a throwback-style jersey that would be used as their new jerseys," Phillippe wrote in an email. "I would always ask other Pacers fans what they liked and the majority loved the old ABA look ... but people didn't like that the basketball looked like a tennis ball, so I just used both designs for that."

Does it have a chance? It just might. A season-ticket winner this past year through Pacers All-Star Roy Hibbert's "Area 55" fan section, Phillippe used his fellow 55ers as test subjects for the design. He also started a New Look campaign on Facebook and got a retweet Tuesday from Mr. 55 himself:

As for the Pacers, Phillippe said he showed some front-office people via email, "and they said I can make a pitch it to them in the off-season."

"The good news is it's getting good responses and even the players love it," Phillippe added. "So hopefully I can do a good pitch."

Check out more photos below:

(h/t Paul Lukas and Uni Watch)