Short film captures Ray Allen's 'Routine'

Sometime before each game, Ray Allen will hit the court and go through his rigorous shooting routine, one that has helped him to become the NBA's all-time leading 3-point converter.

That routine didn't go unnoticed by Boston Celtics team photographer Brian Babineau. And Babineau wanted to do something about it. Something in film. Something "that was different than what has been seen of it before," he explained via email.

"I didn't want commentary or it to be an instructional video," Babineau continued. "More of an artsy, dark and interesting angle on it."

He pulled that off, with the fascinating, hypnotizing short film "The Routine," a six-minute piece that took two days of shooting and a little post-production.

"I wanted to show the seriousness of his pre game shooting ritual, his amazing focus and I wanted to imagine what it was like to be in his mind while he was doing it," Babineau wrote. "Once he starts his shooting sets, you can see he's in the zone, where everything is black and white.

"Once he finishes a set, there is a short moment of reality until he starts his next set with the same focus and determination. This goes on for his entire routine, at all the same shooting spots on the court, for every game ... and he's been doing this for years."

And, if the Celtics eventually beat the Atlanta Hawks in their playoff series, that routine will keep going.