A look at possible Charlotte Hornets unis

Last Friday, we told you of an underground Internet movement to bring the Hornets name back to Charlotte.

Well, things have gotten even more interesting.

Not long after the story went up, Saints owner Tom Benson agreed to purchase the New Orleans Hornets ... then said he'd like to change the franchise's name "tomorrow," to "something that means New Orleans and Louisiana."

Now, that doesn't mean a change is imminent -- especially not for the Charlotte Bobcats. As detailed in our story, it's a difficult process for a franchise to rebrand.

But for fans to dream? It's easy. And that's where Rollin Garcia comes in. In addition to creating numerous hypothetical logos and jerseys for his hometown team, he gave us a look at some new old-school Charlotte Hornets designs -- should that name change ever happen.

Again, they're just dreaming now. And again, these are not official, but Garcia's creations.

So until it actually happens: Enjoy, Charlotteans ...