Uni Watch readers redesign the Astros

Alex Rocklein

Whatever else you can say about the Houston Astros, they've certainly had some of MLB's most creative uniforms of the past half-century. Even the team's embrace of orange qualifies as an innovation, one that other MLB teams are only now catching up with.

So with the ’Stros slated to get new uniforms next year, to coincide with the team's move to the American League, expectations are high. Will they go with a solid orange uni? Rainbow striping from head to toe? A handgun and a shooting star facing off against each other?

We'll have to wait until autumn to find out. For now, though, Uni Watch readers have come up with their own proposals for redesigning the ’Stros (see: above). Nearly 100 of you sent in designs -- some wacky, some fairly traditional, but almost all of them interesting.

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